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Soccer Camp

Important Dates

October 24, 7pm

Board Meeting

December 18, 430pm

Board Meeting

January 9, 7pm

Annual General Meeting

**All Members are Welcome**

January 16, 9am

Online Registraion OPEN for the 2017 Outdoor Season

February 13, 7pm

Board Meeting

March 20, 7pm

Board Meeting

April 10, 7pm

Board Meeting

Week of May 15

U4 to U10 Season Start Nights


NDSI Start Nights


NDSI Festival

June 17, All Day

U4 to U10 Festival

August 12, All Day

U4 to U10 Season End Festival


NDSI Season End Festival

Important Dates

January 10, 7pm

Annual General Meeting

January 17, 9am

Online Registration Opens

March 3, 10am to 12pm

In Person Registration Event at Vos Independent

Week of May 14

U4 through U10 Season Start

Week of May 21

U12, U15, 16+ Season Start

June 9

U12, U15 & 16+ Festival & Picture Day in Uxbridge

June 16

U4 to U10 Festival & Picture Day in Scugog

Week of July 16

Challenger Sports Soccer Camp in Scugog

August 11

Canada Soccer Active Start Season End Festival in Scugog (U4 to U10 players)

August 18

U12 Season End Festival in Uxbridge

August 19

U15 & 16+ Season End Festival

Scugog Referee Information

If you are interested in becoming a referee or upgrading your qualifications, please contact us for more information!

2018 Referee Meeting

Monday May 7 at 7pm at Uxbridge Library

What if I can't make a game I've been schedule for:

If you cannot make a game you are scheduled for please let the me know asap. I always have the soccer phone with me but I may be working and may not respond right away. Please send me an email with the exact details or you can text the soccer line like any cell phone (905.985.7553)

When do I need to arrive for a Game:

Please try to be at the fields no later than 20 minutes before game time. This will give you enough time to check in, pickup corner flags, check nets & field, meet with coaches, check players for proper attire and jewelry.

Referee Bag Check List:

(Please do this before you leave for the fields). You should always arrive at the fields already dressed. Black shirt with OSA crest, shorts and socks (three strips) and NO hat.

You should also have:

  • OSA Referee Card
  • FIFA Rule book
  • whistle
  • watch (or two)
  • coin
  • yellow and red cards
  • two assistant ref flags
  • pencil
  • game sheet (available in the clubhouse)

Please check in at the club house for field assignment changes or updates, and so we know you have arrived for your game.

Do you have what it takes to be a Referee?

Download a SSA Referee Application form here!

  • Do you consider yourself reliable?
  • Do you have strong ethics?
  • Are you fit?
  • Do you love the game of soccer?

    Then consider becoming a referee.

    Top 5 reasons for becoming a referee

    1. You love the game of soccer
    2. To keep fit
    3. Earn extra cash (our District Refs averaged around $200)
    4. To learn more about the game and help your own game
    5. Great to put on a resume

Youth have to be 12 years old as of March 31, 2015 for the SSA Youth Ref program and 14 years old for the District course. We are always looking for older youth and adults. If you are interested or for more information please email the Head Referee (Mike Hill) at tim_mich@powergate.ca or the Club Administrator (Amanda Rogers) at info@scugogsoccer.ca

OSA Referee forms can be found on the table just under the bulletin board in the clubhouse. The forms include:

  • Caution Report (must be used if a yellow card was issued)
  • Dismissal Report (must be used if a red card was issued)
  • Special Incident Report (used for coach or spectator problems)
  • Referee Assault form.

For online versions of these forms go to the OSA web site, click on Referee and then look for the form in the left menu. If you fill in a form, a copy needs to go to the SSA Head Referee. Originals go to the DRSA office in Oshawa. Also let the Scugog Soccer office know you have filled a report. There are short deadlines to be followed so don't delay.

Scugog Soccer Referee Rates

Ref Rate
Assistant Ref Rate
U12 (NDSI)
U15 (NDSI)
16+ (NDSI)


Referee Resources:

Lightning Policy:


Scugog Soccer has its own lightning detector. This device is about the size of a pager and is worn by one of the Directors at the fields whenever there is a threat of thunderstorms. It helps us determine if a storm is approaching and its approximate distance. This can detect lightning long before it can be heard. It's only used as a guideline but helps us to decide when to clear the fields.

If you hear thunder, please be prepare to suspend your game. Notify your coaches that you may be stopping the game so there is less confusion if you do. If anyone sees lightning stop the game immediately and get everyone off the fields. This is OSA policy. Send everyone for cover (i.e. to their cars or to the picnic shelter).

30% of lightning strikes are under blue skies before a storm arrives. 50% are after a storm passes and again under blue skies. (hence the term "out of the blue"). Lightning can strike from farther than you can hear thunder so be aware of the weather forecast before your game starts.

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