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October 24, 7pm

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January 16, 9am

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February 13, 7pm

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June 17, All Day

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Frequently Asked Questions

**If you don't find the answer your are looking for please contact us** OR 905.985.7553


When is registration?
Registration dates for the 2017 Outdoor Soccer season will be open online January 16th, 2017.

Registrations will be accepted until June if there is room on a team's roster.

When does the season begin and end?
The 2017 outdoor season starts the week of May 15th for house league teams (U4 - U10). The season start for NDSI (Uxbridge/Scugog) teams is TBA. Adult teams are informed by their own leagues, but usually start late May as well. See the Events page for dates and locations. The final festival for House League teams aged U4 to U10 is August 12th. The end of season for NDSI teams is TBA. Please see the events page for more details.

What equipment do players need?
The club supplies a uniform to every registered youth player, which includes: team jersey, shorts, and socks. Some adult teams only receive jerseys every 3 years to keep costs down. Each player in all divisions must wear shin guards and appropriate footwear (soccer shoes are not mandatory but are recommended). Insurance rules do not allow players to play without proper equipment or play if they are not fully registered (ie paid in full).

When do they play games/have practices?
The tentative game nights for the U4 to U10 age groups are posted on the home page. The final game nights are determined by registration numbers and divisions, which can vary from year to year due to field availability and other league play.

Regular games are played on weeknights (Mon-Thurs). Sponsor Day and Cup Day Festivals are on Saturdays (see the event page for this years dates).

Schedules for the playing nights for the NDSI teams (U11 and up) are determined by the NDSI committee. These schedules are generally not made available to the club until sometime in early May. Check the Home Page for details. Again these playing nights are weeknights with year end festivals on a two weekends in late August.

Coaches for the U7 and up age groups are expected to conduct weekly practices (it can be switched if the coach and parents wish, but it is still subject to field availability). It's suggested all teams in each of the U7 to U10 age divisions practice all together. This allows those who wish to practice to ability to do so even when not all team member show up. It also allows coaches to share the load in case not all can attend.)

Note that U7s, U8, U9 and U10 can be combined in different combinations each year based on player numbers.

Where do they play?
The U4 to U10 teams play all their games at the Scugog Soccer fields in Port Perry, located on Old Simcoe Road, approx. 1 km north of Reach Road (See the Maps Page). U4, U5 and U6 play on the micro fields (54' x 120'), U7, U8, U9 & U10, on the mini size fields (105' x 180'). NDSI teams play in Uxbridge and Scugog. U23 players travel to other clubs in Durham. The exact composition of the teams and their home locations can vary from one age division to another.

All Scugog home games are played at the Scugog Soccer Fields.

I'm thinking about getting involved as a coach - what training do you provide?
The Club sponsors and reimbuses its Coaches for OSA coaching clinics. We also provide a $25 discount on registration fees for those who volunteer to coach once they submit their Police Check. We also reimburse up to $20 for a police check.

Generally these clinics run from mid winter to late spring, on weekends, depending on availability of training staff. Clinics are held all over Ontario with many right here in Durham. Please consult the Coaches Page for links to the OSA web site that contains clinic dates and locations.

The SSA provides a pre season information session for all new and returning house league & traveling coaches in May. Please check the Events Page and/or the Coaches Page for information (dates, times and locations of clinics and meetings).

We also have Coaches manuals for each of the age divisions (Micro (Timbit), Mini and NDSI) that will help you with requirements, contacts, guidelines, practice drills, etc. These are a work in progess and are being developed year by year with your input and as rules and poilcies change. Look for them on the Coaches Page.

For further information please contact our Head Coach or the Club Administrator or call the office 905-985-7553.

Note: as these clinics represent a significant dollar and manpower investment for the club, it is important to the club that coaches who attend these clinics, give us a full year of coaching for each level attained.

How do I sponsor a team or my child's team?
The club is composed of approximately 60 teams in the various age groups. Sponsorship fees are $300/team and the sponsor will be provided with a receipt for tax purposes. We'd like all our sponsor fees by February 20th , 2017 but due to changing numbers up until the end of May the number of Sponsors can vary. The club will try wherever possible to match a sponsored team to a specific player if requested, however we cannot guarantee this. Download a sponsorship form here or visit the Sponsor page.

For further information, please contact the Club Administrator.

Can I make a special request to have my child play on the same team as another (i.e. for commuting)?
The club serves nearly 300 players in many age groups and participates in many leagues. Consideration for player placement is prioritized first by coach's son/daughter, sponsor's son/daughter and then by team balancing.

Each division has a specific night for practices and games at the Scugog Fields. Therefore, if you have two children in U6, for example, even if they are not on the same team, they will still be playing at the same time at the same location.

Does the club host any festivals/tournaments?
The Scugog Soccer Association hosts two of its own house league festivals for the U4 to U10 age groups. The first one is our Sponsor Day Festival . The other is our Cup Day Festival . BBQs are held on both dates, and trophies are presented, to all participants on Cup Day.

In addition to the house league festivals noted above, the club sometimes plays host to regional tournaments that will involve rep teams from other clubs. DSL, CESL and NDSI (Scugog/Uxbridge).

Coaches who wish to enter their teams, or to assemble an All-Star team in a specific age/gender division, in tournaments or festivals outside of our club are encouraged to do so, subject to the following:

(Please also refer to the Club's Policy and Procedures for more detailed information)

1.The Team coach must make his/her intention to coach a all-star team by June 15th in order that information can be distributed to all prospective players and player book information can be gathered in time.

2. The Team Coach must notify, and obtain approval from, the Scugog Soccer Head Coach and club administrator/registrar for any tournament participation outside of those specifically sanctioned by the club. For tournaments within Ontario, please allow a minimum 5 days for this notification.

Failure to obtain this approval will mean that the participants are not insured. This would be a direct violation of Club Policy and the coach(es) would be subject to immediate discipline.

3. The Ontario Soccer Association publishes a list of tournaments at their website (see Links). In addition, your Head Coach will also have a published booklet listing tournaments which is available in early May.

4. All tournaments are rated for skill level- players must be carded and registered at the level of the tournament to be eligible (i.e. Class G Recreational Team player can only participate in a Class G tournament). Consult the Head Coach or office for more information.

5. For All-Star Teams proper club sanctioned tryouts must be held and costs, responsibilities and expectations of all parents, players and coaches be layed out in writing so that they are understood by all parties.

Why do some teams travel and at what age do they start?
Teams within the Scugog Soccer Association usually start to travel to other clubs at the U12 age group. There are several factors driving the clubs participation in regional leagues; as the teams are playing on the full sized fields, with larger teams of 18 players, we do not usually have enough participants in any age group to conduct a house league division within the club.

Can my son/daughter try-out for Select, Rep or All-Star teams?
As of 2011 Select and Rep Soccer in this area is now provided by the North Durham United Football Club. It is an amalgamation of Uxbridge, Scugog and Brock Rep soccer programs. It focus is competitive soccer and skills development for north Durham youth.

All-Star teams still come out of House League Soccer and so Scugog still supports All-Star teams where we have coaching and parent/player interest.

Does the club publish standings?
The club's philosophy is to encourage the "fun pursuit of excellence" in house league play, and therefore does not publish standings for the U4 to U10 age groups.

Scugog/Uxbridge NDSI team results will be captured for team balancing and playoff seating.

Schedules and standings are published online for NDSI. See the Players page for links.

I don't want to coach but I would like to help in other ways, what can I do?
The club co-ordinates many activities in order to make the "soccer experience" safe and enjoyable for its participants. All these activities, from helping at a practice, putting out corner flags, organizing tournaments, BBQ's, to the everyday operational tasks like running the canteen, lining the fields and painting the goalposts requires volunteer support. All players (or their parents) are expected help the club or their team at some point during the year.

How do I apply for a refund?
Refunds must be applied for, in writing, with a copy of your receipt or cancelled cheque by mail to the club's address, or to the Club administrator in person. Dates are listed on the registration application. All refunds are subject to a $25 administration fee. Uniforms must also be returned clean and in good condition for the application to be eligible.

Note: As June is our volunteer's busiest month, please note that refunds that meet the above noted eligibility, will take a minimum of three weeks to process.

Our address is:
Scugog Soccer Association
P.O. Box 585
Port Perry, ON L9L 1A5

How old does my son/daughter have to be to play?
For our youngest age group Under 4, players must be at least 3 years of age on December 31st of the previous year. This is OSA policy, again for insurance reasons. Sorry.

How will my son/daughter be notified of what team they are on?
The coaches receive their rosters in early May, and should contact all of their players by a week before their first scheduled game. Coaches will arrange a team meeting where they will provide player uniforms as well as team scheduling information. and to go over rules, code of Conduct, etc.

Does the club provide Team/player photos?
The club arranges for team and player photos, which are taken usually during the
June Festival Day for the U4 to U10 house league teams. Older teams have just team photos taken on a number of dates (usually Game nights) throughout June. Photos are distributed to the players by their coaches by the end of the season or on Cup Day.